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If the words are hindering your progress, allow us to help.

Per Page Cost

  • Documents, newsletters, and website content - $50 per double-spaced page.

  • Novels, ebooks, and memoirs: $75 per double-spaced manuscript page.

  • Manuscript Rewrite - $55 per double-spaced page.

  • Screenwriting: $65 per script page. 

  • Script doctoring/rewriting: $60 per page

  • Theatrical stage plays writing/rewriting - $60 per script page.

  • Speeches, Sermons, or Wedding Vows - $80 per minute or double-spaced page.

  • Editing: $35 per double-spaced page.

  • Song lyrics: From* $400, and you own the rights.



  • Movie treatment writing, TV pilot pitch documents, and book proposal writing: $40 per hour.

  • Press release writing: $40 per hour.

  • Interview, research, reading, composition, and travel time (after the initial free consultation), such as when gathering information for the writing of a book or screenplay, and associated travel time: $40 per hour.

  • Live-on-video speech coaching: $40 per hour.

  • Consulting time, such as when we will consult on your work in an advisory or supervisory, or teaching role: $150 per hour.

  • Crisis communications: Immediate service is mandatory, and we can accommodate emergencies. $150 per hour plus expenses. If you need to reach us after normal business hours, it’s best if you text.

NOTE: *These are our base prices; however, additional fees will apply if the client desires high-priority project completion, editing outside the usual parameters, or developmental assistance. Rates for promotional materials, such as treatments, synopses, etc., are configured hourly. Not all of our ghostwriters adhere to the published rates. If their rate for your project is higher than our published rates, they will inform you.

Turnaround time: It varies according to the project. Wedding vows and speeches, two weeks. Three to six months on book and screenplay projects. RAPID TURNAROUND IS AVAILABLE, BUT THE PRICE WILL DOUBLE. Public relations and/or crisis communications consulting is provided on demand.


Payment plans: For large projects, we can arrange for the fee to be spread over several payments. The first payment is due when we begin work; the final payment is due when we finish. The number of payments, the amount of each payment, and the timing of pay points are details to be negotiated and affirmed in the contract for writing services.


Research: Clients must provide detailed notes, an outline, or an audio recording. We can aid in the creation of these materials.


Editorial review: The client may request changes in the spelling, grammar, word choice, and punctuation of the completed work.

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