"Focus on your audition, while we focus on capturing your best take."

Taping .

What is a Self-Tape?

A Selftape should be an essential part of every actor's professional arsenal. It is the perfect tool for an actor to be seen despite scheduling conflicts, national auditions, or anything that would prevent an actor from auditioning in person.


"Get your foot in the door, when you can't get in the door."  

What will I get?


1. Professional sound

2. Superior lighting

3. 2-4k footage,

4. Vibrant coloring grading

5. Unlimited takes (within booked time)

6. With or Without coaching

7. Footage review

8. Editing

9. Same-day delivery.  



All to give your amazing performance the quality it deserves. 

THE NEXT BIG THING, starts here.

The Production House offers
premium self-taping services that include:

Your Investment

Session A - 60 Minutes $65 (w/o coaching) $95 (coaching)
Session B - 30 Minutes $35 (w/o coaching) $65 (coaching)
Session C - 15 Minutes $20 (w/o coaching) $50 (coaching)

10% Discount for SAG-AFTRA Members