1. Do you travel?

Yes, we travel anywhere in the world, provided that travel and lodging expenses are included in the budget.

2. How much will it cost to produce my video? 

A range of factors determines production costs. Every video production project is different. These differences may include the scope of the project, scripting, concept, locations, days needed to shoot, editing time, final length, music, narration, audio mixing, etc. A 30-second commercial can range from $2,500-$250,000 depending upon the complexity and demands of the project. The first step is to fill out our Get A Quote form so we can learn more about your video project. That is never a simple answer to give. It’s best to contact us with details of the production that you want.

3. How Long Does It Take To Produce A Video Production Project?

It takes 6-8 weeks to produce a standard brand video from concept to delivery. However, the actual time for producing high-quality video production varies with respect to what’s being produced. It may take up to 8 weeks and even longer complete depending on the complexity of production but 3 weeks is the minimum time it takes to complete. For example, it will take a longer time to produce training videos due to the final product’s length than it would produce a highlight video of an event video production.

4. How Many Revisions Do I Get?

The approval process at The Production House is very well structured. After you see the rough cut and request changes, we then provide you with a final cut where you can request additional changes. So that means you have two (2) opportunities to provide feedback and to make changes to your video.

5. Do You Provide Scriptwriting, Or Do We Have To Write The Script?

We offer full scriptwriting and creative development services. Through our creative brief, e-mails, phone calls, and production meetings, we’ll learn about your business. We always advise that our clients be ready to give us as much information and content as can be given we can learn about your business and the factor motivating the video production very well.

6. How Does The Initial Deposit Work?

For us to begin the video production process, you are required to pay a retainer of 33% deposit is required to book your date.  The 2nd payment is required on  the day of the shoot before production began. 


7. How do The Production House Rates compare to other production companies in Georgia?

We are not the most expensive, and we certainly are not the cheapest shop in town, however, we are able to maximize any budget and do more with less. Plus, our videos are super fun to make and watch. For instance, watch THIS one.


8. Will you help us develop content for our commercial?

Did Chuck Norris roundhouse kick himself out of the womb and shortly thereafter grow a beard? Yes. We offer directional services and will assist in storyboarding, scripting, and any pre-production needs you to have. Content development is a strong suit of ours, We aim to create great content.  

9. Are There Any Hidden Costs?

We are indeed a  "Bottom Line" pricing company. What you received on your proposal is what you will be required to pay.  We always make sure that our clients are not faced with any cost surprises on the final invoice. The only exception to this is when we have a scope change to the project during production and when you are over your amount of time booked.  If you are over your time booked, an additional cost of $35 per 15 minutes will be accrued until the shoot is wrapped. All charges will be approved before billed. 


10. What is the best way to share my vision for our project. 

Great question! We have you fill out our Project Starter Worksheet to help us implement your vision into the video. Then we stay up late and talk for hours, pass secret notes back and forth, and sometimes we use smoke signals. Anything to make sure we know exactly what you need.



Yes you do; it's all yours! We retain the right to publicly share your video for our portfolio unless you note otherwise. Share the love.



Yes. We can shoot video and hand over the unedited digital files to you, we do it all the time!



Yes. We can edit your existing video footage. Reach out and we can get you a quote



Music Bed, Music Vine, Marmoset, Current Music. The list goes on! Pick out a song and we will sync it with our edits.



Google owns YouTube, if you have awesome videos on the net and people search for content that you produce, having videos embedded on your website can increase your search engine rankings. It seems companies are all about "creating content" just loads and loads of content. Well, he hop that content is good, because todays consumer is not only skeptical, but they don't have time to waste. so make your video content as radical as possible. That is our philosophy! 

Making videos can increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which also happens to be the same acronym for Slimy Electric Orangutans.



We always keep our eyes peeled for true talent. Send us a reel and a resume and we will keep it on file. Do not be hurt if we do not respond to your inquiry, we have much to attend to. Denver is growing, so there are plenty of opportunities within the local video production industry. We don't hire too often, but when we do, it is pretty awesome, because it means we are growing!